About Us

Alexion Global Talents is an International Recruitment Consultancy

managed by a group of international true results-oriented professionals who specialize in matching top international talents and great employers worldwide. Our core competence lies in the IT Recruitment. Finding and hiring the right IT experts, also assisting start-up or scale-up companies on their growing journey. 

In today’s highly competitive, candidate-driven job market, finding and hiring ideal talent is a hard task. We closely monitor the pulse of job markets worldwide. This is why our clients turn to Alexion Global Talents to help them recruit the right international talent for their organizations. Our professional consultants actively connect and network qualified international professionals and specialists seeking new career opportunities with companies over multiple industries across the globe.

We provide certain advantages: Time, Quality, Professionalism, Retention.

There are two main ways Alexion Global Talents can save our clients’ time. First, a usual hiring process can be a quite time-consuming. Tasking AGT can help the clients save their employees’ time. Second, recruitment is our job. We already have international top candidates in our “talent community” who are exactly the right fit for the  position. This a great advantage that can significantly shorten the full cycle recruiting process to as fast as three weeks.

Improving quality of hire is another advantage AGT can provide. We are specialized in certain industries and functions, which means we already have not just a candidate pool but “community” of highly skilled international candidates at our reach. We make sure that our recruiters have expertise not only in networking and coaching great candidates, but also assuring that these international candidates are in indeed a great fit for a certain company, certain corporate culture, and certain position.

Some of our clients, such as startups and small companies, do not have a dedicated in-house recruiter. This type of clients lack the expertise and resources to find and hire international candidates. To ensure that their hiring process is done professionally and effectively, they use the services of Alexion Global Talents to leave the task to the experts.

For many of our clients, the most important advantage of Alexion Global Talents is that we offer additional security when it comes to new hire retention. We offer guarantee periods for each placement we undertake. If the new hire is terminated or leaves before the expiry of a guarantee period, AGT will find a replacement candidate for no extra charge or give a refund.

Alexion Global Talents helps you recruit and retain right international talent faster and better!

That is our task: match the global talent with great employers. We share your purpose.