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Why You Choose Alexion Partners

At Alexion Partners, we believe the strength of our organization starts with our people. The firm is dedicated to its continued development of all professionals, and to the talent that they embody.

Alexion Partners is a dynamic, entrepreneurial, action-orientated organisation, where you will have the opportunity to work with a talented international professionals. Our highly visible, meritocratic, reward-driven culture features a transparent bonus structure, benefiting individuals at all levels for both direct and indirect contributions to the firm’s ongoing growth and success.

With professionals located around the world, Alexion Partners offers challenging and meaningful opportunities to enhance your skills and accelerate your career path. We value the importance of leadership, problem solving and value creation at all levels.

We are always on the lookout for experienced top professionals. Our people all share the same result driven, achievement culture – an ability to “think on their feet,” analyze quickly, act decisively, and make an impact. If you share that hard wire, a career at Alexion Partners may be in your future. Because we know our success is – and always will be – driven by exceptionally talented people.

What You Should Expect

Alexion Partners designs and implements innovative strategies and solutions that power the continuous growth and sustained performance of its clients. We do it by increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving business processes. Our promise to clients prevails, that is why, we work hard and smart.
Every consultant participates in projects whereby participating in the process from the start: defining the problem, the content of the project and definition of the delieverables.
As part of the project, the consultant deploy experience in carrying out interviews, research work (the relevant industry, market trends, previous projects, benchmark, etc.), collecting data, analyzing data and presenting it.
Nature of advisory work combines independent work as well as the ability to work in various teams according to expertise. Working day covers a range of activities, including meeting at several client sites, periodical meetings at Alexion offices, conference calls, e-mails, team meeting, presentations and more. We spend nearly half of our time with clients, that means we love to travel…

What We Offer

Exceptional professionals should be challenged with opportunities to grow. Our career model offers multiple career paths to find your passion and build a career around what you love to do. We offer careers as varied and dynamic as your ambition.
At Alexion Partners, we look beyond a one-track-fits-all approach. With us, careers progress by building new skills and evolving into new roles. Upon reaching Senior Consultant, your specific interests and strengths will determine which path you pursue.
Our focus on transformational work and evolving industries offers new consultants a deep level of interaction and breadth of experience with C-suite clients. So, you won’t have to wait to be challenged to stretch and grow outside of your comfort zone.

Who We Love to Work

We offer a distinctive platform for people who want to bring their intelligence, business skills, and experience to bear on global challenges. Innovation and entrepreneurship are not only valued at Alexion Partners; they are demanded. Our clients come to us with some of the most difficult organization problems, seeking solutions where the obvious has failed. We supply new ideas, drawing from a deep base of knowledge that cuts across sectors and geographies and is growing every day. We seek professionals with a blend of skills and experience who are exceptional problem-solvers, capable of rigorous analysis, and knowledgeable about project management. We love to work with passionate, committed people who are open to joining and growing in entrepreneurial spirited organization.
In this context, the people that are successful at Alexion Partners would be described as:

Team player : 
At Alexion Partners we have no heroes. The team is the hero. As such, we recruit people with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Our team is paramount to all and to everything so we do not tolerate politics. This is where your personality and approach to team work will make all the difference. We want problem solvers, not trouble makers.
Problem Solvers : 
Our people have a natural passion for solving problems. We look for people with a strong analytical mindset, logical and structured thinking, and the ability to question and synthesize different pieces of information at the same to ultimately derive insightful conclusions.
Achievers : 
Our people strive to succeed and create wining solutions that result in client satisfaction. We look for people with the confidence to make an impact, desire to learn and grow, the ability to think on their feet and the personal ethics to deliver nothing but the best.
Focused :
 Consulting is a serious business where one cannot succeed if little preparation is made, if no processes are implemented, if no prioritization is followed and if no dedication is showed. We look for quick-witted people with attention for details and who settle for nothing less than perfection.
Open : 
Our people enjoy interactions with clients and colleagues. They are also open and willing to receive straight feedback on areas for improvement. We look for people with the ability to communicate complex ideas, build rapport with team members and strangers alike, engage others interest and the ability to influence. Character integrity above all is the key make-or-break factor.
Innovative :
 We prefer people with a passion for life and zest of wild ideas that may transform our firm, our clients’ business or our environment. Suggestions are wanted and encouraged and staff must live by the “what if” mantra while seeking perpetual improvement

How We Develop

To provide our clients with high-quality and professional support, we invest in attracting and retaining a team of truly outstanding and committed people. We firmly believe that they will become the global development leaders of the future.
We invest in our people and they, in turn, invest in our clients. The result: we are a growing team of consultants who take pride in our work, are driven by a desire to make a difference and recognize that hard work paves the path to success for all.
Consulting isn’t for the complacent – especially when clients look to you for answers. We operate within the dynamics of evolving business environment, disruptive technologies and macro trends. Our clients expect us to transform and perform and the highest levels. To do that, we recruit and invest in exceptional experienced professionals.
We build and support our professionals with:

  • On-the-job coaching as part of project teams
  • Organized in-office formal training
  • A global mentorship program
  • Annual training for all staff at our global retreat
  • Annual Project Manager/Project Leader training at a leading university
  • Encouragement and support to attend conferences, publish articles, and join associations linked to international development

In addition, our professionals accrue paid sabbatical time to do field work outside the firm, and tuition reimbursement is provided to study for an MBA.
Beyond routine coaching processes there is a systematic evaluation and feedback process which aims to identify employees with high performance and professional\managerial potential.
A personal development plan (PDP) is built for every Alexion Partners professionals.

How We Work

At Alexion Partners., you’ll do the best work of your life and know what it means to take part in your client’s success.
You’ll be exposed to a wide range of industries and provide strategic counsel to many of the world’s foremost firms and organizations. You’ll work in teams that advise some of the world’s largest public and privately held companies, public sector organizations, and private equity firms, as well as entrepreneurial and innovative mid-sized businesses.
You’ll work alongside smart, accomplished people and help our clients answer their most difficult business challenges– together. And you’ll have support from every member of your team.
We all keep learning, but learning can be fun too. We invest in organizing some of the most memorable team events, theme parties and other innovative initiatives, driven & managed by you. We have redefined the “Work Hard, Play Hard” adage. Beside the many team lunches, dinners and drinks, we organize some of the most amazing yearly staff events to build a strong team spirit at Alexion Partners.
Alexion Partners is committed to enabling our employees to maintain a healthy balance between their work commitments and their private lives. We believe in flexible work arrangements that lead to better outcomes: more-fulfilled employees, higher-performing teams, and greater job satisfaction. This is fundamental to our ability to recruit and retain the best professionals in the world. 
Alexion Partners is a great place to have a career and a great place to put your achievements to work. Come and join us!