Recent Global Talents

Medical Doctor

11 years’ experience. Pediatrician and internist. Family Medicine Physician. English.


15+ years’ experience. Examine x rays of teeth, anesthetics, remove teeth, prescribe medications.

Surgical Nurse

15+ years’ experience. Specialized in preoperative care, care to patients before, during and after surgery.

Master Tiler

Installing materials on floors, walls, ceilings, roof decks.Sectors: Construction, Architecture.

Production Engineer

Production Planning, Six Sigma,Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen.Sector: Woven Apparel.


Emergency Room.Screen patients, monitoring, medications, keeping records. 

IT Specialist

Network management, software development, database administration and technical support.

Mechatronic Technician

 Equipment maintenance experience with automation. Repairing electrical and mechanical automated machines,


Driving clients and goods to their destinations. Mapping out driving routes. Maintaining vehicle safe.