Our Expertise

We are proud to introduce international candidates from our talent community to the clients as “Alexion Certified Professional Profile”. It is a great advantage for the candidates and additional assurance for the employers.

Locating Global Talent

Our professional consultants actively connect and network qualified international professionals and specialists seeking new career opportunities with companies over multiple industries across the globe. The resource base include Western Europe, Eurasia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, and South America. That means we cover not only Western Europe, but also the countries from Turkey, Iran, India, Vietnam to Albania, Morocco, Ghana, Senegal, and Brasil. This occurs through local networks in more than twenty countries, closed user groups, and specialized social media channels. In addition, we hold local relocation events in our main resourcing markets to inform about opportunities and requirements of relocating to Western Europe.

We do not start by looking for the right candidate for client when we are hired. We already know the candidate(s) and thus contribute significantly to our client’s performance. Our effectiveness in locating global talent enables us respond to recruitment inquiries literally within days.

Alexion Global Talents help you recruit and retain right international talent faster and better!

Coaching Candidates

We prepare the candidates in our “talent community” for an international career. Building on our vast experience in international recruiting, we know how employers in different countries assess CVs and career paths, and how they handle the recruitment process. Our team of senior career and recruitment consultants help the candidates assess the strengths and career targets, checking eligibility for a job abroad, and then define a specific international career strategy. We assist the candidates along with CV design, profile management, paperwork, further training, skill building, and mental preparation until finding a suitable job in the desired destination. Personal coaching process enables our recruitment team understand the candidates, their aspirations and potentials to nurture for further steps.

We carefully select, develop, and prepare candidates in our talent community.

Matching People and Positions

We put a high emphasis on creating the perfect match, and firmly believe that it is our ultimate performance criterion. For Alexion Global Talents success requires more than utilizing the right technology. Finding the best talent is also an art that involves engagement, assessment, interaction, coaching and matching. With a series of telephone, video, and personal interviews with candidates and clients we decode skills, aspirations, and values of both sides. Only when a high level of common ground for both sides exists, we serve as matchmakers by bringing candidates and clients together. Our way of recruiting requires the analysis, vetting, psychology, coaching, and emotional intelligence. Determining a great fit between our client and a potential employee requires that we know the candidate and nurture that relationship.

As early as within two weeks upon we are hired, our job only starts with introducing both parties to each other. We foster the entire process from the first interview until employment starts.

That is our task: match the global talent with great employers.

Supporting Relocation

For non-EU candidates we organize the visa procedures ourselves and facilitate the full relocation process from bureaucracy support, temporaray housing to social adaptation. The relocation services include application for employment or job seekers visa, residence permit application, finding temporary accomodation, administrative registrations, banking assistance, health insurance assistance, utilities and phone assistance, transport information, moving and furnishing advice, language school, and social networking support.

Our legal partners and support team help the candidates feel they are right at home. We know how it feels when somebody you can trust meets you upon arrival and stand by when you need them in early months.

Our job is not complete until the candidate is fully functional and our client is satisfied.